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The Artist

Nicholas Zalevsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine when the country was still a part of the Soviet Union. Developing artistic skills at a rather young age, Nicholas was admitted to a special school for exceptional young artists which provided middle through high school education. He graduated from this school and went on to study graphic design at Publishing Institute in Lviv, Ukraine. Though he possessed the credentials, it was unfortunately close to impossible for somebody with Jewish roots to be admitted to the prestigious Kiev Art Academy. His diploma work (illustration to “Tom the Thumb” by Charles Perot) was printed by a Ukrainian Publishing House in 200,000 copies.

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After graduation, he worked odd jobs; this was the only way for him to earn living, his artistic views being greatly different from those that conformed to the state-approved Socialist Realism. Once in a while he would get a commission as a book illustrator. The chances of becoming a “legitimate” painter enjoying exhibitions and sales, were slim.

In the 60's and 70’s, a new generation of painters who rejected any compromises with the official Union of Painters made their voices heard. Their works have become known as artistic underground: a nonconformist art style which evolved as an antipode to the official forms of art of a totalitarian society. Nicholas joined this movement.

He was never a dissident for the sake of being a dissident; Nicholas had no such ambitions to bring communism down through his paintings. He simply wished to explore hyper-realism and other genres considered decadent by the regime. The exhibitions of nonconformist artists took place in private apartments, abandoned offices, and parks. More often than not they were under KGB surveillance. Sometimes one or two participants would be detained as a warning to others. Able only to exhibit in the underground art scene, Zalevsky jumped at the opportunity to move to America.  His last picture under the Soviets was made in 1989, and he kept working for publishers until his emigration to the United States in 1991.

Nicholas settled in West Hartford, where his brother had lived since the late 80's.  Here Nicholas earned his living working as a janitor, artist’s model, grocery bagger, and health aid. Since coming to the U.S., Nicholas has created a number of paintings, although it takes him up to two to five years to complete each work.

He now lives in Farmington (Unionville), Connecticut.



1995 -- "A Gallery on the Green", Canton, Connecticut, USA, Best Picture Award.

2006 -- Gallery “Collection”, Kiev, Ukraine (personal exhibition).

2009 -- Jewish Community Center, West Hartford, Connecticut, USA

2011 –- CT +6, West Hartford Art League, Connecticut, USA, Best of Show Award.

2011 -- West Hartford Art League, Connecticut, USA, (personal exhibition).

2012 --  Museum of Russian Art, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, Best Picture Award


2012 -- Museum of Russian Art, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, (personal exhibition)

2016 -- Gallery, "Still Life" exhibition

2019 –Artavita gallery at ArtExpo, NYC

On the white sand
Of the beach of a small island
In the Eastern Sea

I, my face streaked with tears,
Am playing with a crab

Ishikawa Takuboku

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